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The Young Income bond offers subsidies for 5 years to young people in order to save for the payment of decent housing and thus be able to acquire their own. It is aimed at all Peruvians under 40, and with few resources that do not have their own home.

70% of the subsidy will be used for the payment of the rental of the house, the remaining 30% will go to a savings account. The intention is that, after the past 5 years, young people have an initial fee to buy a home using the programs of Own Roof or Panglao Credit.


Requirements to apply for the Jovan Credit

apply credit

  • Not be registered in the register of tenants of non-delinquent debtors
  • Peruvian between 18 and 40 years old
  • Must be part of a family group or minimum group of 2 people, who have no income greater than S / 2,600. .
  • Do not own property
  • Not receive any housing support

Minister Pao estimates that at the end of the 5 years the young person will have approximately between S / 9,000 and S / 10,000, which together with the individual savings they give for the initial mortgage loan installment for a Techo Propio or Mivivienda home.


Conditions of the house to rent

house to rent

The apartment must have an estimated area of ​​60 m2, and the price must not exceed S / 1,200.

The locations that best adapt to these conditions are Arequipa, Callao, Chiclayo, Huaraz, Santa Cajamarca and Trujillo.


Reasons why the subsidy could be lost

house loan

  • Fail to comply with the lease payment.
  • Sublet the property.
  • Having a relationship within the fourth degree of consanguinity, or second affinity, with the landlord.
  • Fail to comply with the lease contract statute
  • Experts agree that applicants should earn 4% of the value of the property.

It is expected that by June 1 this program attached to the Ministry of Housing will come into effect, and approved by the Congress of the Republic.

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