Each loan will have a fixed installment for 3 years

In consumer loan agreements, banks can only change the interest rate and interest rate premium every three years. More information at http://zallenmusic.com

Fidesz-KDNP will submit this proposal, said Gredery Klienbergs. Even at three-year intervals, interest rates could only be changed if the bank determined an interest rate change rate that had to be approved by the central bank, adding that other fees could be changed only by the rate of inflation.

The rate of default interest would also be maximized

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There are still many misconceptions in people’s minds about money and work that should be changed. The plethora of comments on the latest post also show how confusing a lot of people are when you dare to say that you live within your means, or if you can’t do it, don’t spend 30,000 cigars a month or 20,000 workplace buffets. I would like to emphasize the phrase “if you can’t do it”. Many people do not want to understand this already.

But if you have the added value of picking up the carts in the mall

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From the parking lot that anyone can do (maybe even a trained dog could do it), then don’t be surprised that you earn as much as you can. The same is true if you stand by the tape at the factory or make files in the office. Your employer will pay you based on the value of your work, not your needs. (I would like you to notice that it is not the value of your work, but the value of your work.)

The proposal will include a further free cancellation right for borrowers, also every three years. It is planned that by 1 January 2016 at the latest, all consumer credit agreements should be subject to these strict rules. Gredery Klienbergs emphasized that this is especially true for forint and foreign currency loans subject to settlement. The group is urging the government to complete the process of converting foreign currency loans into forint loans, which they will have to provide to banks under the aforementioned strict rules.